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Here you will find the answers to some frequent questions:

What is the utility of Breeding Management

Once recorded all the birds that I have bred in the past years I immediately have their genealogical tree, their history, the judgesí evaluations, the prizes, the photo, the characteristic notes and the whole news that I have preserved in these years.

What data of every bird must I record?

To record a subject is enough to insert its band ( breeder ID, year, number ), to have the genealogical tree, the study of the consanguinity and the possibility to insert it in as a brooding parent, I have to insert the sex, the type, the band of its father and its mother.

Must I rewrite the data every time that I do an insertion ?

Apart from the number of the band , the notes of the breeder and the physical characteristics , the other data are chosen by drop down menus that take them out the files, for example:

the sex      the breeder ID      the father of the brooding
Every data inserted in the file are proposed again by the computer avoiding useless repetitions of insertion, use of the keyboard and consequent errors of digitations.

But isnít it better looking for the data in the registers that I have organized myself and that I know for years ? 

How long does it take now to get an idea about relatives ( ancestors and descendants ) of a subject ? I have to skim trough the preceding years , to write or to adjourn the genealogical tree of the subject, to adjourn every year the trees of its relatives, to read in the various registers the prizes received, the illnesses that have afflicted it, the notes on its breeding abilities , its yield as a parent (reproducer).

With Management Breeding few clicks of the mouse are enough to select the subject, I open its individual register of data ( anything can be written in the notes ) , I immediately see which subjects have contributed to form it

 (Visualizzazione consanguineitŗ) Display Consanguinity ), I see all its relatives, which ones are still alive and in breeding, which have been sold, what are their characteristics notes and the evaluation cards. In a few moment, just the time to read, I have immediately a full picture of the champion and also a picture of the subjects could be used to reproduce or improve it. 

And then, if I have some problem, who can help me?

The technical support, both by telephone or by email, itís able to give me some explanations , to follow me in the installation, in the use and about files maintenance. And if there some mistake I can send my files through email or diskette to the Assistant Centre, where they will be rearranged and sent back in a very little time.

I donít know how to use the computer correctly, will I succeed in using it ?

Management Breeding has as main characteristic the ease of use, the clarity of the masks and the mechanism of operation: it has been created specially for breeders, it automates the normal practice of breeding.

It doesnít have any frills, sketches, colours: itís only substance and study applied to the breeding.

 But, Is there somebody to use it ?

Breeding Management has been on sale for 18 months, itís available in three languages ( English, Italian, French and Spanish ) it has obtained great success among the Italian and European breeders: ask your friends, surely someone uses it.  

How can try I it ?

Download the Demo version on Your computer, itís free without obligation you canít add your birds but it contains some family of test, use it until you want, learn its operation, print its reports, discover how itís easy to become its friend.

Itís the best way to approach this marvellous tool.

Itís the same to have a new car at home to test its qualities and its defects before the purchase.

I would like to buy it but my breeding is small and I donít want to spend too much.

We have studied .a version for small breeding, it is called Breeding Management Junior, it has all the functions except for the Consanguinity ; you can begin from this version and, in the future, if you want you can pass to the complete one.

Breeding Management will still improve ?

It has to grow a lot, we have many ideas that we will develop next months. Begin now to use it, load your file and in the future youíll be able to get other powerful functions.

I have seen that there are other breeding programs, is Management Breeding the best ?

Only our clients can tell it. We donít allow us to pass judgement, it would be not correct.

The only thing we can do is to allow you to test it at home, in this way you can see by yourself how it is easy to use it and at the same time how itís complete in its functions.


I have other question but here there are not answers.

For any technical or commercial explanation ,write to the following address: info@gestioneallevamento.com



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