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It’s a program for computers that helps the breeder to catalogue the birds he is breeding. The main characteristic is the ease of use, because the computer must help men and not make life more difficult..

Simple and clear. It will help you to remember the whole important news about your birds, it will add to your abilities to see a possible reproducer of champions the support of the data concerning the prizes received, the physical characteristics, the behaviour, the illnesses of all its family. Read the Description of operation, you will realize the reason it has deserved success among the breeders of various countries.How long does it take a breeder to record all the events that characterize the life of every subject? And to seek out them among registers, sheets and index books?

Surely a lot of time.

How long is the time we waste skimming through the registers in the short time that we can devote to this activity ?

It would be better to devote more time to the care of our "friends" leaving the information management, the research, the study, the display and the print of the genealogical trees to the computer. The simulation of the couplings from the point of view of the consanguinity, the list of the cages, the situation of the laid eggs. We have only to take the decisions, to make the choices, to concentrate on the breeding.

The computer becomes so essential to display the whole family of the subjects that we breed making us comfortable and fast the choice of the best subjects to couple. We can see which subject of every family have remained in breeding and at the same time it will be easier to choose which of them can be given to other breeders being sure of all bonds of kinship. In the case we need a sold subject it will be easy and rapid to find the breeder that has received it.

With the complete functions of cages management and brooding we can hold day by day under control the course of the laying, verifying the number of the not fecund eggs, broken, with dead subject, etc… immediately making us aware of possible problems in the breeding.

We can study the consanguinity that ties a champion to its relatives and descendants, to simulate couplings and, if we consider them satisfactory, move them automatically to the file Cages with a mouse click.



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